Truck blowers and their practical applications

Carpet cleaning, building insulation and crop dusting have one thing in common – blowers, mounted on trucks.

They rely on the power of the blowers for better performance.

It is obvious that in carpet cleaning vacuum the effectiveness of lifting the dirt off the carpet depends on how powerful the suction being provided by the blower is. Mobile carpet cleaning machines use hot water extraction method. This means the blower would not only need to be powerful enough to extract dirt from the carpet but also extract hot water that has been sprayed onto the carpet. This is essential for the carpet to remain clean and dry. These mobile blowers can also be used for other cleaning purposes such as drain cleaning, or mobile waste cleaning

Have you heard of retrofitting building insulation with the help of a blower? This method is used to insulate both brick veneer and double brick walls. The building cavity walls are filled with blown insulation material fed from a hopper. It is essential for the insulating material to be blown so that the desired density can be achieved for optimal insulation. A customisable blower would be sought for to accommodate different insulating material and density requirements.

Blowers are also used in fogging applications. Air supplied by blowers is mixed with a liquid and pressed via the nozzle to create a fine mist. For example, insecticide solution, combined with air, gets atomized and sprayed as small droplets. This process is commonly used for crop dusting, fruit spraying, tree fogging and pest control.

Other typical uses of vehicle-mounted blowers are pneumatic loading/unloading of food products, animal feeds and minerals.

Blowers for these applications are heavily used and relied upon. This is why the typical GE Roots models used for these applications are URAI, compact blowers engineered which gives maximum reliability. These blowers have a time-tested lubrication system. GE’s exclusive “figure-8” gearbox design improves oil distribution to the timing gears and lengthens bearing life.

Oversized anti-friction bearings are used, with a heavy duty cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to withstand V-belt pull. Viton™ lip seals maintain proper lubricant at the bearings.

Other characteristics of URAI model range:

  •         •Very cost effective design
  •         •Pressures to 1034 mbar
  •         •Vacuums to 539 mbar
  •         •Flows to 4026 m3/hr
  •         •Available with a metric drive shaft and pipe connections
  •         •Gas-tight blowers available
  •         •Detachable feet, allowing you to mount the blower into your custom system

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