Turbo-Max Blowers – The game-changing technology in the Waste Water Industry

There is a new type of turbo blower making a name for itself – TurboMAX, as it is operational on 3000 sites around the world including New Zealand.
This turbo blower technology has played an important role in supporting efficient wastewater process by cutting down on energy consumption by 20%-40%.  This is quite significant considering the fact that aeration blowers consume 40 to 70 per cent of the overall energy consumption at a wastewater treatment plant.


Why are blowers significant to the WasteWater Industry?

Aeration blowers provide air supply which is critical in treating wastewater naturally and decreasing the need for chemical treatment by:
  •        • Keeping bacteria suspended
  •        • Aiding flocculation
  •        • Supplying sufficient oxygen transfer for BOD removal and nitrification
The essential function of an aeration control system is to fulfil oxygen demands at the lowest possible energy costs. This is done by optimizing the proper air flow in the treatment process, commonly measured as  DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Concentration.
       • Too low of DO concentration does not provide sufficient process performance and can encourage undesirable organisms to develop
       • Too high of DO concentration may prevent proper settling, encourage undesirable organism growth, cause “oxygen poisoning” and wastes power


Why are TurboMax Blowers ideally invested in?

TurboMAX blower will reduce energy costs by more than 30 per cent compared to traditional aeration blower used in the market. This is significant because aeration blowers consume 40 to 70 per cent of the overall energy consumption at a wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, for each blower, energy use accounts for up to 80% of its total lifecycle costs. Reducing the energy consumption of the blowers will help cut energy costs and CO2 emissions.
The TurboMAX turbo blower is a product that provides the best efficiency through the use of a high-speed motor, airfoil bearings, and a powerful centrifugal compressor design.
It is known to have a competitive advantage in:
       • Reduces energy consumption by 20-40 per cent ‘compared to existing products’
       • Recoup initial investment in a short period of time: ‘two to three years’.
       • Designed to operate at high speed with high efficiency.
       • A convenient user interface is used.
       • Provides automatic operation mode that is required on-site.
       • Reduced noise (less than 85dB), no-vibration.
       • Oil-free lubricating system.
       • Only regular inlet filter replacement is required.
       • Automatically detects errors and takes necessary actions.
       • Special expensive foundations and anchor work are not required because TurboMAX blowers have no vibration.
       • The time required to install the product is minimised.



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