Linear Air Knives

The Secomak air knife is the most efficient method of removing or controlling unwanted or foreign substances on any surface.

Versatile in applications, they are able to remove broken glass from the conveyor lines, or drying and cooling delicate glassine paper. They are powerful enough to dry the vehicle and sensitive enough to dry fine wire. Apart from industrial processing and manufacturing, air knives are also broadly used in bottling, canning and packaging industries for food and beverage production. Cleaning and drying fruit and vegetable is also done with their help.

Secomak Air Knives are more cost effective than compressed air nozzles, saving up to 85% in running costs. They are easy to install and require minimum maintenance.

The Secomak air knife is available in two cross sectional sizes, 75mm and 25mm. This is the diameter of the air entry spigot. Maximum length of the 75mm airknife is 2200 mm , maximum length of the 25mm airknife is 500mm. Units over 1000mm length have air entry at both ends.