Is your heater causing safety and health hazard issues?

Is your heater causing safety and health hazard issues?
Does your heater contribute to environmental pollution?


Everyone is aware that CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), NOx (Nitrous Oxides) and SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) is harmful to our own health and the environment.  However, not everyone knows that it is not just cars which emit greenhouse gasses but some heaters do too.


Study of air quality in Australians homes
There were several studies conducted in measuring the CO2 and NOx presence in a household with heaters and compared to the outdoor air of that household. 
There was a startling difference between the air indoors and the air outdoors. Additionally, the air indoors has exceeded the limit set by the World Health Organization.  
How bad is the presence of CO2 and NOx?
Around 70,000 worldwide premature deaths happen every year because of these greenhouse gasses. – according to The Guardians. So, how can we be aware of which heater would be an environmentally friendly investment? 
Look for certificates, rating, and quality. 

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